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As the operators of the longest-running blues dance in Los Angeles who whole heartily enjoy sharing our love of blues dancing with the community, this was a tough decision. Since hosting it quarterly is a new format for us, we appreciate your patience as we determine the specific dance dates. Follow dSB on Facebook. Learn More. Want to learn more, like what to wear, what to expect, etc? Visit the -FAQ- page.

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Help us share the culture of swing dancing with the fine folks of this town. The festivities begin at 6 p. There is no cover for the evening, but tipping the band is highly encouraged. During the summer we take a break from our regularly scheduled dances. Our final dance of the spring season is this Saturday, June 4.

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This fall, Dance Kinexion and the Montana Movement Arts Center are offering professional dance classes and private lessons in Country, Ballroom, Swing and more, not to mention fun lessons in Salsa, Bachata, Swing, West Coast Swing, and Tango with local dance clubs and independent instructors. Learn new moves and meet other fun-loving dance enthusiasts! Learn to twirl with a partner in popular styles such as the upbeat and most popular country styles of Country Two-Step, Country Swing Jitterbug , and the super-versatile East Coast Swing, or classic smooth styles such as Foxtrot and Waltz for flowing gracefully down the dance floor.

Learn elegant variations you can put into your waltz, not just for country music! Most classes include 4 hours of instruction over either 3—4 weeks, or intensive 2-night workshops offered throughout the year. Find a time that works for you and like-minded friends and let your inner dancers shine! A partner is not required for most Dance Kinexion classes, although partners may choose to stay together to make it a fun date night. Taught by Sizzling Salsa instructors Veronica and Gurkan, this class gives couples a chance to get close and personal in this sensual Caribbean dance style.


Just like many other beginnings, how I discovered blues involves a love story. Girl falls for boy, boy and girl break up, but the girl is left with something better. Luckily, the boy was not mine. My story begins with theirs.

Once the danger of COVID19 has passed and social dancing is safe and acceptable, you’ll find the next dance dates here. To stay up to date.

Sunday weekly. Beginner dance style changes every week. Sunday, weekly. Open dancing pm. Enjoy light refreshments. Contact Improvisation. Drop-in Class. Studio 34, Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia. More intermediate moves will be taught on a one-to-one basis, anything from Lindy Charleston, Swing outs, basic 6ct moves to Aerials. The music is mainly swing, but we’ll throw in some variety of styles.

All Ages welcome.

{Pasadena} 🎵 Blues Dance – December 2019 – Special Night!

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Seattle Dancing is a list of dances in Seattle, Washington – singles or couples welcome at any dance listed. Seattle Dancing Washington where can I go dancing? Now is not the time to go out dancing. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor when this has passed. Please contact the event’s sponsor for any info or to say hello. Sometimes schedule is too squirrely to keep track of. City Index Search LazyDancer. Dance Event Name.

Date s. Next Dance. Seattle Balkan Dancers Fridays. Tacoma Ballroom Dancing Tues – live band.

3 Lessons in Dating… from the Dance Floor (An Illustrated Guide)

Join our friendly, welcoming and FUN community of swing dancers of all ages, styles and abilities. Want to meet new people, enjoy dancing, and get some exercise? GottaSwing is the place for you! Classes Dances Calendar. Teaching Jitterbug and Lindy Hop since , our eight-week beginner and intermediate classes have set the gold standard in swing dance instruction. You never need a partner; we rotate partners in our classes so everyone has a chance to learn and practice.

Show dates & details are changing frequently, so we’re working with artists and ticket providers to keep our info as up-to-date as possible. For more info, see our​.

Being a six-part series concerning the complex love triangle of romance, swing, and our love for swing. This is the answer Nina Gilkenson gives whenever people ask her why she started swing dancing in the first place. Actually, two boys — twins. Boys were just the icing. Oh, sweet icing. I was drawn to almost everything about it. But it was a large bonus that it would allow me to spend time with well-dressed girls and give me little chance to destroy it all by quoting entire Monty Python films.

Some might argue that this is why partnership dancing exist in modern cultures in the first place: so that people can touch members of the opposite sex. And anyone who has read Anna Karenina or any Jane Austen novel knows that, at least in their cultures, a dance was never just a dance. Of course, the act of dancing implies expressing the emotions music produces, but to do so while holding onto another human being implies at least some form of human connection, of intimacy.

And Lindy Hop is no different.

Blues dance

Join your friends at The Collective for a great evening of awesome vintage music and dancing! New to swing dancing? Come learn the basic steps and turns of East Coast Swing.

glean the faintest glimmer of struggling black lives dating back nearly four hundred years. They are our first call every time we are in need of swing dancers and we Stomp, Amanda, and Geoff have brought the swing to our dances.

Help us share the culture of swing dancing with the fine folks of this town. The festivities begin at 6 p. There is no cover for the evening, but tipping the band is highly encouraged. During the summer we take a break from our regularly scheduled dances. Our final dance of the spring season is this Saturday, June 4. Instructors Rian Pfund and Emma Ehret will teach the beginning swing lesson this month. DJ Eileen Tokuda will provide music during the band breaks and Phil Manijak will close out the night.

During the summer we take a break from our regularly scheduled Friday and Saturday dances. Red Star Dance Studios is offering two upcoming swing dance workshops. Click the links below for more information. This Saturday, May 14, we have a series of beginning workshops as well as our monthly dance at Odd Fellows Hall. Designed with a beginner in mind, the workshops will cover the fundamentals of swing dance, including 6 count swing, Charleston, and some 8 count Lindy hop.

The workshops run from to p. Registration is availabe at lindyhoppers.

More Solo Blues Please

This community contra dance is part of an on going series, first and third Fridays of each month. Sponsored by Golden Bridge. All proceeds support youth leaders from around the world during their Rites of Passage Journeys with www. For more information, please contact office bdanced. Waltzing and Couples Dancing! Waltz, cross-step waltz, foxtrot, two-step, tango, one-step, hesitation, blues, etc.

Blues Dance is a low-impact, low-intensity style of movement which prioritizes creativity, partner connection, and engagement with music. Amanda’s blues dance.

Tuesday, June 2, – UPDATE Since physical distancing and only groups no larger than 25 are allowed to gather are still in effect, we are leveraging Zoom to connect with our dance community. Until we are able to further open up into larger gatherings, drop in from pm on Tuesdays on our Virtual Front Porch. We would love to have a date when dancing can resume, but we do not know when that will be. Please join our mailing list and stay in touch on Facebook.

Keep dancing in your living rooms. Here are some videos you can try and other online swing dance opportunities! Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy, and we look forward to dancing with you again soon. Special Announcement All classes and social dances are canceled until further notice.

My Blues Story

Blues dancing is a family of historical dances that developed alongside and were danced to blues music, or the contemporary dances that are danced in that aesthetic. African-American essayist and novelist Albert Murray used the term “blues-idiom dance” and “blues-idiom dance movement” in his book Stomping the Blues. Early commentators on dance from sub-Saharan Africa consistently commented on the absence of close couple dancing, and such dancing was thought to be immoral in many traditional African societies.

In the United States the dances of white Americans were being adapted and transformed over time. Dance moves passed down through generations were revised, recombined, and given new flourishes. The cyclical re-emergence of similar elements marks the African-American dance vocabulary.

“Actually, I got into dancing because I liked it, but I did go persuasion to meet, as well as those who desired to date above or in spite of the color barrier. The result is that now there are swing dancers who are at it just to.

Sometimes before dances. Private time to help you may not be available. Can be any level. Usually a one-week or available on multiple weeks aimed at Novice to Advanced Levels. East Coast Swing can be referred to by many different names in different regions of the United States and the World. This form of swing dance is strictly based in six-count patterns that are simplified forms of the original patterns copied from Lindy Hop.

The name East Coast Swing was coined to initially to distinguish the dance from the street form and the new variant used in the competitive ballroom arena. While based on Lindy Hop, it does have clear distinctions. East Coast Swing is a standardized form of dance developed first for instructional purposes in the Arthur Murray studios, and then later codified to allow for a medium of comparison for competitive ballroom dancers.

It can be said that there is no right or wrong way to dance it.

NEW DATE TBD – Revolution Blues: Intro to Social Blues Dance

We are working to reschedule dates for postponed shows. Please check the music calendar for show updates. For current ticket holders, please hold on to your tickets.

We are working to reschedule dates for postponed shows. Please check the music calendar Memories Are Made At The Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club!

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