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It starts with the way you address people and ends with how you cut your steak. In order to help you prevent some of the more embarrassing blunders, we have compiled this non-exhaustive primer on etiquette in the German speaking part of Switzerland. In any case, add … mitenand if you are greeting more than one person, such as in elevators or waiting rooms. That is if you do not know this person on a first name basis! If you meet a friend, family member or close acquaintance, kiss them on the cheeks. Depending on the region, you need to kiss two or three times When in doubt, kiss three times and use a friendly Sali or Hoi. Finally, if you are in a hurry, you might want to avoid the American way of asking Hi, how are you? While no real answer is expected in the US, this type of question is seen as a sincere interest into exactly how someone is feeling that day Alas, the answer may turn out to be lengthy.

Swiss-German for beginners

Please read the rules before posting, thank you! Dating Swiss German self. I’m a native English speaker, and can speak French quite well, German at an elementary level and can say a few phrases in Swiss German.

(Fettnäpfchen is Swiss German for “mistakes waiting to happen.) It is important to use one of the recognized words like Grüezi to start the.

We could have a poll here! Seems equally split. I am thinking about buying a set of Pimsleur CDs to supplement my German tutoring sessions before moving to Zurich. After reading through posts on EF, it seems like lots of ppl recommend learning German, and not to bother with Swiss German due to its various dialects.

I have zero knowledge of German and will start private tutoring of German next week. Would you recommend still getting the Swiss German CDs anyways? One other question is that some comments about the Pimsleur’s Swiss German CDs seem to suggesst that the phrases are sometimes out of date. Does anyone have any experience with the CD? I would stick with high German in the beginning and then gradually switch.

With high German, you can at least write as well. You didn’t quite say whether you will be working or what you will be doing. They all understand high German. I would learn high German.

Wanting to learn a little Swiss German…

Imagine walking into a bar in Germany, seeing a beautiful woman or a handsome man and being able to instantly flirt with them in their native tongue? Impressive right?! Dating in Germany is very similar to every other country, there are not too many major differences between England or the US and Germany when it comes to the flirting part of things. Here are a few items to be aware of when you are on your next date in Germany:. Therese are a few tips and tricks for when you are looking to improve the quality of your date and even skip past some of the most awkward elements and move onto the more romantic occasions of the evening.

Usually, flirting is rather a fun game than a serious conversation between women and men.

study of the influence of English on the Swiss German of New Glarus major Swiss workbook is a collection of more than English sentences grouped according to topic and at the time of recording, others at a later date. The stay in.

One of the key features of Switzerland is its cultural diversity. The ancestors of the people who live in this country today have their origins in different cultures. See statistics for more detailed information. The map below shows where people speak what language click on the map for an enlargement. At the borders where two languages meet, the language does not change abruptly, it rather changes gradually. People living on the border usually grow up bilingual – this is especially true for the areas marked with strips on the map above.

At school, the children have to learn a second language spoken in our country however, there is currently a big dispute going on, whether our kids should learn English rather than German or French as a second language. It stands not only for the separation of the languages, but also for the separation of the cultures and the ideologies. The lingual minorities sometimes feel out-ruled by the majority of the German speaking fellow citizen in political issues. While the French speaking Swiss tend to be more open minded, the German speaking Swiss tend to be more conservative.

Again, this is a very general statement, a single individuum should not be judged simply by her or his language or origin. The term “German speaking Swiss” is not really correct, they actually speak Swiss-German “Schweizerdeutsch”. Swiss-German is very different form the German spoken in Germany or Austria.

Swiss-German phrasebook

In the German part of Switzerland we call our dialects Mundart. Especially for food related topics we use a lot of our own words instead of the German ones. Eis go zieh to meet for a drink literally: to go and pull or suck one. This expression is only used for weekend or holiday breakfasts. Shall we meet for a coffee and chat next week? Isch guet gsi?

The Swiss-German SpeechDat(II) FDB comprises Swiss-German speakers ( males, females) recorded over the Swiss fixed telephone.

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Survival Swiss German Travel Phrase Guide

Swiss dialects of German are, unlike many dialects of other standardised languages, widely used in everyday communication. Despite this fact, automatic processing of Swiss German is still a considerable challenge due to the fact that it is mostly a spoken variety and that it is subject to considerable regional variation. This paper presents the ArchiMob corpus, a freely available general-purpose corpus of spoken Swiss German based on oral history interviews.

The corpus is a result of a long design process, intensive manual work and specially adapted computational processing. We first present the modalities of access of the corpus for linguistic, historic and computational research. We then describe how the documents were transcribed, segmented and aligned with the sound source.

German language, official language of both Germany and Austria and one of the official languages of Switzerland. German belongs to the West Germanic group.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. A large number of Swiss speak Swiss-German. It is very different from German spoken in Germany. After spending an hour in this course, you will be able to begin to communicate with new Swiss friends and have fun in your life and travels. Search for anything. Udemy for Business. Try Udemy for Business. Teach on Udemy Turn what you know into an opportunity and reach millions around the world.

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Switzerland is home to four official languages : German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Depending on which canton you plan on living or visiting, citizens of those cantons speak the language official to that canton. The German language is spoken in 17 cantons in Switzerland. This makes the German language the most spoken one here.

The Swiss German dialects can vary depending on what region of Switzerland you may be in, but we have put together some common phrases that can be used​.

In my 20s I would have considered dating a German guy boring. In my 30s it became sexy. If he likes you, he may even call the next day. Germans have rules for almost everything. This has happened to dozens of friends of mine in Munich. Germans are sticklers for being on time. If you agree to meet at a restaurant at , he will be there waiting at and not keep you waiting. On the flip side, he expects the same of you.

So be on time. Most Germans love to travel, and they have a lot of holidays compared to North Americans.

Swiss-German Travel Phrases

Real Player required. Her guide to the language is aimed at both beginners and advanced students and contains a number of sound files. Many sound files. You can also keep up to date with news on Swiss German language by visiting their news page. Thuleen that focuses primarily on morphology and lexicon.

Which languages should Swiss schoolchildren be taught?

I’m a native English speaker, and can speak French quite well, German at an elementary level and can say a few phrases in Swiss German. I’m wondering if it is.

German language , German Deutsch , official language of both Germany and Austria and one of the official languages of Switzerland. German is an inflected language with four cases for nouns, pronouns, and adjectives nominative, accusative, genitive, dative , three genders masculine, feminine, neuter , and strong and weak verbs.

Altogether, German is the native language of more than 90 million speakers and thus ranks among the languages with the most native speakers worldwide. German is widely studied as a foreign language and is one of the main cultural languages of the Western world. As a written language, German is quite uniform; it differs in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland no more than written English does in the United States and the British Commonwealth. As a spoken language , however, German exists in many dialects , most of which belong to either the High German or Low German dialectal groups.

The main difference between High and Low German is in the sound system, especially in the consonants. High German, the language of the southern highlands of Germany, is the official written language. Old High German , a group of dialects for which there was no standard literary language, was spoken until about in the highlands of southern Germany.

During Middle High German times after , a standard language based on the Upper German dialects Alemannic and Bavarian in the southernmost part of the German speech area began to arise. Middle High German was the language of an extensive literature that includes the early 13th-century epic Nibelungenlied.

Modern standard High German is descended from the Middle High German dialects and is spoken in the central and southern highlands of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Useful Swiss German phrases

Occasionally, the Alemannic dialects spoken in other countries are grouped together with Swiss German as well, especially the dialects of Liechtenstein and Austrian Vorarlberg , which are closely associated to Switzerland’s. Linguistically, Alemannic is divided into Low , High and Highest Alemannic , varieties all of which are spoken both inside and outside Switzerland. The only exception within German-speaking Switzerland is the municipality of Samnaun where a Bavarian dialect is spoken.

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Luckily, because they are based on Latin, the English and German words for the months are almost identical. The days in many cases are also similar because of a common Germanic heritage. Most of the days bear the names of Teutonic gods in both languages. Let’s start with the days of the week t age der woche. Each day is shown with its common two-letter abbreviation.

The two exceptions, Mittwoch and Sonnabend , are also masculine. Note that there are two words for Saturday. Samstag is used in most of Germany, in Austria , and German Switzerland. Both words for “Saturday” are understood all over the German-speaking world , but you should try to use the one most common in the region you’re in. Note the two-letter abbreviation for each of the days Mo, Di, Mi, etc.

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Delve into the complicated world of Swiss German phrases, with pronunciations and Swiss German to English explanations to tie your tongue around them. I am amazed it has taken me this long to write about greetings in Swiss German, but to be honest, it has taken me this whole time to master them myself. Then again, who am I kidding? I am still a long way from mastering Swiss German greetings.

Nonetheless, here are a few Swiss German greetings to start with to help you get on with the Swiss note: because of all the different Swiss German dialects and phrases, I can only comment on greetings around Zurich.

Learn colloquialisms and useful phrases in German get familiar with the colloquialisms and be up-to-date with the German expressions.

Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. Will be spending 5 nights in Switzerland Zurich and Interlaken soon and my mind boggles how I got by the last time I was there many years ago as my understanding of German, or Swiss German, is zilch.

I think I just rudely spoke English and got by that way. I’d love to learn at least a handful of swiss german phrases to help us get around but can only find online lessons for standard German which I believe is quite different? I’ve found a couple of online phrasebooks in swiss german but I’m unsure re pronunciation. It’s much easier for my brain to hear it rather than try to figure out “the ch sound is like this, the e is like this etc”.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would learn standard German. With your mispronunciations you will be hard enough to understand, but I think mispronouncing the Swiss dialect s would be worse as probably no one will be expecting you to speak it. The way words are spoken can vary throughout Switzerland, they certainly will have their own regional variations and probably someone very familiar with them can tell what village or region a person is from.

Top 10 Words in Swiss German