Gruesome history of Valentine’s Day

A year later, on July 30, he was back in action and raring to go, clambering up the toddler play structures again and again. The Lius had wanted to return to the centre in Marina Square earlier this year, but found themselves stuck at home when the circuit breaker and phase one of reopening shuttered all attractions. They felt assured enough to return after Ms Woon, 30, watched Kiztopia’s Facebook video detailing its new hygiene protocol. Indoor playgrounds like Kiztopia have begun to reopen after over four months of closure during the pandemic and operators are cautiously optimistic about business picking up as restrictions are progressively lifted. However, the sudden and extreme disruption has caused a trail of casualties, most famously KidZania Singapore on Sentosa , which exited in June after four years here. Over the last decade, indoor playgrounds have grown in popularity among parents looking for a comfortable venue for their young children to expend their energy. A check online reveals that there are at least 30 such indoor playgrounds, which range from small set-ups in malls to SuperPark Singapore, a 40, sq ft local outpost of an international indoor activity park that caters to both children and adults. Unlike the small play areas provided by mall developers as a pit-stop during shopping, such indoor playgrounds tend to be larger, with themed zones, paid entry and, often, an edutainment aspect. Some also have cafes where adults can enjoy me-time or attend to work while their kids play. The trend has spawned innovations such as Airzone, which claims to be the world’s first indoor suspended net playground, as well as Buds by Shangri-La within Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

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This popsicle stick haunted house craft is such a fun Halloween activity for kids. Kids will love painting and decorating these haunted houses! This wooden spoon bat craft for Halloween is so much fun! It’s quick and simple, and super fun to make with the kids! You could even hang them on the wall as a Halloween decoration!

‘It’s Not All Sabai Sabai,’ Matchmaker of Thai Women and Danish Men Says Finland’s Adventure-Themed ‘SuperPark’ To Open at Iconsiam.

Two languages open every door along the way. Our language approach aims to develop students as bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural through either daily curriculum language instruction, the well established Mandarin bilingual program, or specialist English learning. Stamford American offers an outstanding education for students from 18 months to 18 years of age.

International Baccalaureate IB Programme enhanced by rigorous American standards with a holistic heart — to equip your child with academic and social skills to take into the real world. Yesterday, the Managing Editor, the Marketing Director and myself were having a meeting to discuss how the website should also change to better reflect the new concept. I had drawn up a plan that would take at least another six months of hard work to realize.

It was Mid Summer and the big news was out, that this summer would likely be the best summer in many, many years for all the Nordic countries. The whole Scandinavian peninsula will this year have full six weeks of stable, perfect summer weather starting from 23rd of June and lasting throughout July and even a bit into August. Suddenly a genie appeared from from out of nowhere.

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Google Calendar. Blow away the afternoon heat with an indulgent tea party followed by evening fun at Superpark Suntec! At the tea party, you can look forward to connecting with your new buddies over a refreshing beverage and tasty slice of cake. Continue to enjoy their company and have a fun time in teams at the Superpark Suntec. Price includes choice of beverage with cake, Superpark Entrance ticket for evening session, compulsory grip socks, facilitation, secret admiration if there is a mutual match, contacts will be released to both participants and matching.

has been approached on multiple occasions from matchmakers and promoters interested in options and funding for a proposed Super Park.

Posted: September 19, Posted: August 16, Posted: August 2, And for those of us with English or Scots ancestry here are some real names we can borrow: Abington Pigotts near Cambridge. Ab Kettleby near Melton Mowbray. Ae near Dumfries. The shortest place name in Britain. Affpuddle near Dorchester.


We journeyed via the icy, crystal clear waters of subterranean aqueducts that feed the Trevi fountain and two thousand year old sewers which still function beneath the Roman Forum today, to decadent, labyrinthine catacombs. Our laser scans map these hidden treasures, revealing for the first time the complex network of tunnels, chambers and passageways without which Rome could not have survived as a city of a million people. The surface of the city is scraped away, a kind of archaeological dermabrasion, to reveal sprawling networks of knotted masonry and old corridors spliced together in a translucent labyrinth less below than somehow in the city.

Indeed, the pamphlet itself is as much architecture as it is archaeology—perhaps even suggesting a new series of historical site documents someone should produce called Pamphlet Archaeology —looking at wells, baths, cisterns, and spherical refrigeration chambers, in various states of ruin.

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Tracing back the origins of Valentine’s Day has flummoxed historians and scholars alike. Between rumours of a decapitated priest, jailed bishop and illegal weddings, the mystery of St Valentine is unsolved. Yet, the internet is a smorgasbord for Valentine’s Day theories, including references to English poets and pagan rituals.

Legend has it that St Valentine was a Roman priest who performed weddings in secret, refuting the orders of authorities. After Emperor Claudius declared single men were more proficient soldiers, marriage for young men was outlawed. Valentine defied orders, arranging to wed lovers in secret. Once Claudius discovered the forbidden matrimony, Valentine was sentenced to death by decapitation.

Some suggest Valentine was beheaded for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons. In this version, the romantic legend was believed to have fallen in love with a jailer’s daughter. Before his death, Valentine allegedly wrote a letter for his lover signed ‘From your Valentine’.

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Ms Wright and Mr Tostee used matchmaking app Tinder and soon after meeting, they headed back to his apartment. Mr Dore had a word of.

Australian Geographic Magazine May – June Yet our guide, Steve Meacher, chooses myrtle beech to explain how the plants of Toolangi State Forest function as a community. Myrtle beech Nothofagus cunninghamii grows to 35m, compared with the 70m-plus achieved by mountain ash. But the beech is more durable, with individual trees living more than years, and hosts a diversity of life. Different possums like different parts of the tree, for example, and so they can live in the same environment without competing.

Each species has its sweet spot. The lesson Steve is teaching me is that for Victoria this pocket of forests is itself a sweet spot, one of few such areas left in the state. It estimates that only 1. It bore the brunt of the and fires and is also logged, but still has spectacular sites, including large old-growth forest stands. A former teacher, Steve worked with an animal welfare not-for-profit in Africa before coming to Australia.

It took one visit to Toolangi to make him stay.


Not the Wii, obviously. But it’s not the NES, either. Even before the Famicom, Nintendo’s M. Money was to be made not just on software, but on hardware. Nintendo constricted supply to create demand.

Ecofriendly architectural wonders, a billion-dollar super park and a swell of For example, a (now defunct) matchmaking club was established to pair off.

Singapore in detail. Ecofriendly architectural wonders, a billion-dollar super park and a swell of world-class bars and eateries — Singapore is shining its way into the future. Yet the city-state’s ascent from tiny shipping village to global powerhouse is not without its challenges. Driven by an influx of foreign workers, massive population growth is straining infrastructure, affordability, and the patience of many Singaporeans. With the opening of Gardens by the Bay in , Singapore moved another step closer towards its vision of becoming a ‘City in a Garden’, a cutting-edge role model of urban sustainability and biodiversity.

Since , all construction projects greater than sq metres both new and retrofitted are obliged to meet the Green Mark’s minimum standards. Generous incentive schemes have encouraged an ever-growing number of buildings to incorporate sustainable design features, among them sun-shading exteriors, efficient water systems and carbon-emission-monitoring computers. Among the best role models is Orchard Rd mall Somerset.

Equally impressive is the newly built, mixed-use development Marina One, where the design incorporates energy-saving ventilation systems, external sun shading, centrally provided recycled water and a rain-harvesting system. Singapore’s population more than doubled from 2.